The Antoses

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Ryan, Chelsie and little Amelia. The sweetest little family with so much love and adventure. My favorite thing about this beautiful family is the passion they have for bettering the community they are in. They love God with all of their heart and live every day with the intent to bettering and growing the love around them.

Ryan is on of the most others focused men I have ever met. He strives to better those around him always and leading with love. He is always focused on the future and looking for new ways to create adventure for his family along with his wife. 

Chelsie is one of the most talented leaders and speakers I have ever met. She has always been focused on creating new opportunities for not just herself and her company, but also those around her. She loves traveling and her family and she is always putting the two together to create incredible stories. 

Amelia loves her family and loves to sleep. Her family sings to her the Lumineers song Ophelia, changing the song words to Amelia instead. She has no shortage of love in her life and will be the most adventurous little girl there ever was.